Product Features

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Introducing CabSafe, our Industrial Vehicle Air Particulate Warning System

CabSafe monitors and alerts in real-time to changing air particulate levels within the cabin, promoting a healthier and safer work atmosphere. This advanced system prioritises operator well-being and contributes to operational efficiency. Engineered to align with the highest standards, CabSafe is designed to support compliance with ISO 23875, providing top-notch air particulate monitoring for optimal safety and productivity in mining truck operations.

Choose CabSafe for industry-leading performance and peace of mind.

Fully Integrated Sampling

Configurable fan pulls through samples on a continuous basis

Side-image of CabSafe looking into the sample-duct
Measurement Principle Laser Scattering (source: Sensirion AG)

Global connectivity

CabSafe is designed to be online. When offline it will log data and offload as soon as connectivity is restored. CabSafe has an integrated e-sim with global connectivity which connects to the local cellular network as soon as it is powered-up.

CabSafe App on iPhone

Android and iOS Apps

The driver can interact with CabSafe through an App. This App is used for sending alerts but also keeping track of personal exposure to particulates. The App can be used for configuration of the CabSafe.

Full Web Dashboard

A full web dashboard is available for real-time monitoring and configuration of a large fleet of CabSafe units. Alerts can be set and analysed. 

Screenshot of CabSafe Web Portal
CabSafe with Rugged enclosure

Rugged Housing

CabSafe is built out of rugged polyurethane. It is designed for use in mining environments. The CabSafe enclosure design guarantees long-life and dependable operation under the most challenging conditions.


The fully self-contained CabSafe unit has a compact design making it extremely easy to install.

CabSafe dimensions
CabSafe top-dimensions
CabSafe mounting-hole dimensions

Measurements Specifications

ParameterRangeAccuracyMin. Detection
Particulate Matter 0.5 (PM0.5)0 to 3000 #/cm3±100 #/cm31 #/cm3
Particulate Matter 1.0 (PM1.0)0 to 1000 µg/m3
0 to 3000 #/cm3
±10 µg/m3
±100 #/cm3
1 µg/m3
1 #/cm3
Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5)0 to 1000 µg/m3
0 to 3000 #/cm3
±10 µg/m3
±100 #/cm3
1 µg/m3
1 #/cm3
Temperature-40 to 125 °C±0.2°C-40°C
Humidity0 to 100 %RH±2%0.1%
Pressure0 to 1,100 hPa±0.1 hPA1 hPa
C02 Sensing0 to 40,000 ppm±(40 ppm + 5%)1 ppm