Frequently Asked Questions

CabSafe is precisely engineered to safeguard driver health through ongoing air quality monitoring. Additionally, it aids Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) managers in overseeing air quality within the cabins of expansive fleets of mining vehicles.
CabSafe consistently captures samples of the cabin environment and processes them using an advanced sensor array. It can measure various elements, including particulate content, CO2, VOCs, and VSCs. When CabSafe is online, it promptly transmits measurement results through the LTE-M network. In offline mode, the device stores measurement data and synchronises it when the truck re-enters cellular coverage or connects to a mobile phone via BLE.
CabSafe is versatile and applicable across industries where effective dust management poses a significant challenge.
CabSafe boasts key features, including an advanced sensor array capable of analysing not only CO2 but also particulate matter, utilising a laser-scattering sensor certified by MCERT. The data collected from an extensive fleet of CabSafe units seamlessly integrates into a comprehensive web portal. This portal assists mining companies’ Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) departments, facilitating the effective management of safe working environments within vehicle cabins for their drivers.

Detailed technical specifications for CabSafe are available in the accompanying specification sheet found here

Installing CabSafe is exceptionally straightforward. This fully self-contained module must be connected to a power source (10-30VDC). Its compact design ensures that finding a suitable location for the unit is always feasible.
CabSafe is ready to use right out of the box. While operating CabSafe doesn’t require training, IMBU provides training sessions for seamlessly integrating CabSafe into mining operations if desired.

At IMBU, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. If you have any questions, concerns, or encounter any issues with your CabSafe, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

Simply drop us an email and our knowledgeable support team will get back to you promptly.

CabSafe is backed by an 18-month warranty from the date of shipment or a 12-month warranty from the start of use, providing comprehensive coverage for your peace of mind.
CabSafe is a versatile monitoring and analytics tool that extends its utility to applications such as the analysis of electrical cabinets. A simple reconfiguration of the sampling strategy can be optimised to suit any specific use case.
CabSafe uses LTE-M for data offloading via the cellular network. If LTE-M is unavailable, data will be locally stored. In such cases, the IMBU Connect app can transfer data to a mobile phone, which will subsequently be uploaded to the IMBU web portal once an online connection is established. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android through their respective app stores, providing convenient accessibility and user-friendly interfaces.
To order CabSafe, you can conveniently visit our online store on this website. Alternatively, send your inquiry via email to We will promptly respond with a proposal to meet your needs.
For large fleet operators, we offer a demo program to facilitate the testing and evaluation of CabSafe. This program allows you to experience the functionality and benefits of CabSafe firsthand before committing.
CabSafe employs an MCERT-certified particle sensor to measure up to PM2.5 levels. This measurement is achieved through laser scattering technology, ensuring an accurate and reliable assessment of particulate matter within the cabin environment.
CabSafe utilises an integrated accelerometer to measure vibrations and impacts. Users can configure the threshold at which an impact is recorded. Additionally, CabSafe is equipped to measure cabin vibration waveforms, allowing for comparison against Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) guidelines to ensure compliance and safety standards